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    Gen O Reunion Crew

    Photo from 2017 Generation Orange eventOrange Central will feature a Generation Orange Celebration for the classes of 2009 through 2018!

    If your class year falls within those years, consider joining the Gen O Reunion Crew and encourage your fellow classmates to come back to campus. Contact Megan Andolina DiDomenico, assistant director of lifelong learning, at or 315.744.6566 if you’re interested in being on the crew.

    What does a Reunion Crew Member do?

    • Promote the Generation Orange Celebration and Orange Central on your personal social media channels.
    • Participate in your Generation Orange Celebration Facebook event—comment and share.
    • Allow us to use your name on Orange Central emails and letters.
    • Make a class gift (of any amount!) to Syracuse University.
    • Finally, attend Orange Central 2018 and the Generation Orange Celebration!