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    2016 Homecoming Court

    The nomination of Homecoming Court is a longstanding tradition at Syracuse University and just one of many student events, programs, and activities that take place during SU’s annual Orange Central.

    Students are nominated for the court by members of the SU community and selected by the Homecoming Court Selection Committee. The king and queen are then selected by an online vote and crowned during Orange Central. 

    Pictured above is the 2016 Homecoming Court (from left): Jonathan Gordon, Bilal Vaughn (Orange Central Royalty), Nedda Sarshar, Andrew Ramos, Khianna Calica, Jennie May, Beth-Elle Schussler, Liam Sullivan, Andrew Martini, and Miracle Rogers (Orange Central Royalty).

    Homecoming Courts: A Brief History

    Khianna Calica
    Jonathan Gordon
    Andrew Martini
    Jennie May
    Andrew Ramos
    Miracle Rogers (Orange Central Royalty)
    Nedda Sarshar
    Beth-Elle Schussler
    Liam Sullivan
    Bilal Vaughn (Orange Central Royalty)

    Nick Aliquo
    Kavell Brown (Orange Central Royalty)
    Lauren Green
    Paul Haramiss
    Jane Hong
    Emily Malina
    Speedy Morman
    Nina Rodgers (Orange Central Royalty)
    Kara Sheplock
    Kanique Swinson

    Kevin Claffey (Orange Central Royalty)
    Jen Bundy (Orange Central Royalty)
    Emily Ballard
    Carly Cott
    Jack Kaczmarczyk
    Regina King
    Andy Pregler
    Ivan Robles
    Rachel Wolsky
    Ricky Zaffuto

    De’Marcus Woods (Orange Central Royalty)
    Ciara Schoenauer (Orange Central Royalty)
    Benjamin Glidden
    Colin Brown
    Danielle McCoy
    Janine McElhone
    Jennifer Bacolores
    Jonathan Gregalis
    Michael Emer
    Molly Nelson

    Kevin Belbey (Orange Central Royalty)
    Lauren Meadors (Orange Central Royalty)
    Andre Sadler
    Chelsea Marion
    Chloe Slade
    Harris Maidenbaum
    Lawrence Jackson
    Rodney Fleming
    Stephanie Kranz
    Whitney Clinkscales

    Darryl White (Orange Central Royalty)
    Stevie Jasuta (Orange Central Royalty)
    Alex Rogers
    Anna Stolzenburg
    Calvin Iverson
    Firdaus Arastu
    Katie Walpole
    Lookman Mojeed
    Nick Deyo
    Samantha Hay

    Justin Cole (Orange Central Royalty)
    Chasity Cooper (Orange Central Royalty)
    Aaron Hudson
    Beth Anne Kieft
    Christopher Brown
    Danielle Sutton
    David Baer
    Kendell Bryant
    Mary Cappabianca
    Nina Elias

    Darren Goldberg (Orange Central Royalty)
    Jillian Zarem (Orange Central Royalty)
    Alec Sim
    Caitlin Guthoff
    Katie Hudson
    Lissette Silva
    Melissa Russ
    Mark Zito
    Sean Haley
    Wyan Smith

    Matt Abdifar (Orange Central Royalty)
    Shannon Feeney (Orange Central Royalty)
    Ben Youngerman
    Emily Thompson
    Helen Koutsourades
    Ian Solomon
    James (Jimmy) Bell
    Megan Lange
    Sammy Kanter
    Shannon McLouglin