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  • The Award and the Artist

    Arents AwardCapturing the Soul of a Leader

    The stunning design for the Arents Award was created for Syracuse University by Peter Wayne Yenawine, '69, a 1988 recipient of an Arents Award for excellence in design.

    "My sole inspiration was my interpretation of George Arents' original intent, which was to recognize SU alumni who possess the vision, intelligence, leadership, and tenacity to be truly innovative in their chosen professions," explains Yenawine. "This requires thinking beyond traditional limits and, therefore, almost by definition, creativity."

    Yenawine chose an abstract form to symbolize "thinking outside the box." Then, in keeping with his "Orange rules" philosophy, he laminated orange glass to the bottom surface to represent the University as a whole, saying, "Cutting and faceting creates reflections that change with every slight movement of the head or moment of passing time, giving the piece the appearance of having life itself."

    "This kinetic phenomenon encourages the viewer to look at and draw from every angle, as one would have to do to become an Arents Award recipient," Yenawine adds. "The award must be 'alive,' as the recipients have more to do."

    Each Arents Award is handmade of the finest crystal and, as with all masterpieces, is signed by the artist.

    Peter Yenawine is the founder, president, and creative force behind Crystal Signatures. He is also one of America's most talented artists, creating original designs in crystal, gold, silver, and porcelain. In the ultimate collaboration between the age-old art form of glass-making and state-of-the-art technology, his company has emerged as a giant in the corporate gift industry.

    A former master designer at Steuben Glass, Yenawine has had designs created by most of the major crystal and art glass houses, including Baccarat, Daum, Nachtmann, Orrefors, Saint Louis, and Val Saint Lambert. In the natural elements of the Earth, he discovers and then cultivates the exquisite native possibilities until a form emerges that is essential, pure and recognizably a Yenawine.

    Yenawine's works reside in private and museum collections around the globe. In addition, he has been commissioned by the White House to create numerous gifts of state and has designed many international sporting event trophies.